Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse Cases

Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

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Our population is aging. More than 1.5 million Americans are residents in nursing homes. We trust that these nursing homes, which are very expensive, will keep our loved ones safe and give them the best quality of life possible. Unfortunately, that does not always happen.

Nursing homes are commonly understaffed. On top of that, often the staff is poorly trained.

As you can imagine, this becomes a major issue for residents, because residents depend on the staff for the essentials of life, like food, water, medicine, toileting, grooming, and mobility.

Nursing Home Negligence

When a nursing home fails to provide treatment, care, goods, or services necessary to maintain a resident’s health to the best of its ability, the facility may be negligent and liable for the injuries the negligence leads to.

Examples of nursing home negligence include:

• Failing to provide food or water or failing to prevent malnutrition or dehydration
• Failing to assist in personal hygiene
• Failing to provide safe, clean, and decent living conditions
• Failing to provide adequate treatment and services for incontinent residents
• Failing to provide appropriate supervision and assistive devices to prevent accidents
• Failing to provide adequate medical care
• Failing to acquire and dispense proper medications, as well as failing to ensure that residents are not victims of serious medication errors
• Failing to prevent a resident from developing pressure sores (or, if a resident already has pressure sores, failing to provide proper treatment to promote healing).

Those are examples of negligence.

Nursing Home Abuse

Sadly, some nursing homes are worse than just negligent: some nursing homes abuse their residents.

Thousands of residents have suffered serious injuries and even died because of nursing home abuse.

Types of nursing home abuse include:

• Physical Abuse
• Mental Abuse
• Sexual Abuse
• Malnutrition
• Bedsores
• Dehydration
• Restraints.

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